Nurturing seeds of ideas into strong businesses

Our mission is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship.

What is Sinapis?

Sinapis is a business accelerator program that provides early stage entrepreneurs with advanced business training integrated with Kingdom Business principles, intensive mentorship and the opportunity to compete for seed capital.

Our Process

Sinapis works with entrepreneurs through churches and other partners. Read more on how our training is deployed.

Get Involved

Sinapis is raising funds to scale our program throughout Kenya and around the world! Find out how you can help us reach our goal and get updates from our team.

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“Being able to put down my ideas into actionable steps really made the difference between the goals being met and them just remaining ‘ideas’. Business education in Kenya is so theoretical and all about passing tests. With Sinapis, you work on YOUR business.”

Christine Otieno – Sinapis Entrepreneur