Gideon Kyalo
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The first step for a Sinapis entrepreneur is to complete our 4 month, rigorous mini-MBA designed specifically for early stage entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. This program is practical and focused with everything an entrepreneur needs to know and nothing they don’t. Participants are expected to complete milestones during the week in their business related to what they learned in class that week. Courses cover Customers, Financials, Operations, and Human Resources/Management. Additionally, 25% of our curriculum is on Kingdom business which helps the entrepreneurs learn how to integrate their faith with their business so they can glorify God as a business leader in their industry.

Entrepreneurs attend class once a week for 6 hours where they:

• Read a localized business case about a case study hero that encounters a challenge in their business that many Sinapis entrepreneurs also face

• Learn the key business concepts they need to know to overcome this challenge

• Learn a toolkit that helps the entrepreneur apply the knowledge to their business

• Watch the case study hero apply this new knowledge to their business

• Apply the toolkit to their own business through field work assignments and report back the next week on what they learned

Between classes, entrepreneurs are expected to complete pre-work to prepare them for the next class, complete sections of their business plan such that by the end of the program they have an investment worthy plan, and complete their field work assignments.

All in all, entrepreneurs are expected to commit 20 hours per week to the program while they are running their businesses full time. 

Business Plan Competition

Upon completing the program, members of each graduating class are invited to submit their business proposals to Sinapis. After a thorough selection process, entrepreneurs with the most innovative and scalable ideas proceed to Sinapis’ annual Business Plan Competition, a live pitching event that brings together business owners, investors and other individuals in the entrepreneur ecosystem. The winner of the competition receives $10,000 in grant-based seed capital, and proceeds to join Sinapis’ Fast Track Fellows Program.

Fast Track Fellows

Outstanding finalists in the Business Plan Competition advance into an intensive 6-month program known as the Fast Track Fellows Program. Fast Track Fellows benefit from key resources such as customized mentorship from successful business owners, professional advising from experts in law, branding, accounting etc., and one-on-one support from widely experienced consultants. Fellows in the program also gain access to additional funds in the form of early stage and growth stage investment capital.


For the Sinapis Entrepreneurship Program Participants:

  • Advanced practical entrepreneurial training at the MBA level that will catapult your business from a dream to a reality and grow it to the next level
  • The above benefit at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional MBA program without all of the theory that entrepreneurs don’t need and don’t have time for
  • The opportunity to learn how to serve God through your business and become a Kingdom business leader in your community
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your entrepreneurial prowess and be chosen to be a Sinapis Fast Track Fellow
  • A certificate of Entrepreneurship from Acton School of Business and Sinapis


For the finalists in the business plan competition chosen to be Fast Track Fellows:

  • The above benefits PLUS
  • The opportunity to get specific consulting support from sector experts that would generally cost you too much to hire
  • The opportunity to get mentorship from a seasoned business leader in your industry
  • The opportunity to win seed capital grants to launch and grow your business

courtney with james and denis in class


Who should take the Sinapis course?

  • Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that want to operate above micro-level businesses
  • Those able to dedicate 20 hours per week to the course
  • Those willing and able to take course work at the advanced MBA level
  • Those with a heart for leading a Christ-centered Kingdom business
  • Entrepreneur must be Kenyan
  • Entrepreneur must be willing to participate in the program (not send someone else)

How much time does this program take per week?

  • The recommended time investment is 20 hours per week. This is 4 hours for your pre-reading, 6 hours for class time and approximately 10 hours to complete field work within your business.

How much does this program cost?

  • For East African citizens/permanent residents, the total program fees are Ksh 35,000. This includes a registration fee of Ksh 3,000. The remainder can be paid either in one installment of Ksh 32,000, two installments of Ksh 16,000 each, or four installments of Ksh 8,000 each per entrepreneur for the entire 4 months.
  • This is highly subsidized by Sinapis and Acton! However, each partner may charge slightly more to cover food or other in-class logistics so please inquire with the partner for exact costs.
  • For individuals who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of East Africa, the course costs $400 for the 4 months.

When does the program start?

  • Each partnering organization has a different timeline for the training. You may visit our homepage or email to see when the next course is starting.

Which organizations are offering the training and how do I sign up?

  • Contact us at to sign up for the next intake!


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“The 16-week program has the power to transform anyone’s business if the principles and skills are applied. The main takeaway for me was the importance of measurement, and the program gave me the tools I needed to track all of the key metrics to grow my business. It is hard to believe how much value is offered for so little.”

George Kinuthia – Sinapis Entrepreneur