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Pastor Munene


Wachira Kariuki – Sinapis Entrepreneur

“Maybe we would have failed had it not been for Sinapis. I can say at least 20% of our success can be contributed to Sinapis.”

Christine Otieno – Sinapis Entrepreneur

“Being able to put down my ideas into actionable steps really made the difference between the goals being met and them just remaining ‘ideas’. Business education in Kenya is so theoretical and all about passing tests. With Sinapis, you work on YOUR business.”

George Kinuthia – Sinapis Entrepreneur

“The 16-week program has the power to transform anyone’s business if the principles and skills are applied. The main takeaway for me was the importance of measurement, and the program gave me the tools I needed to track all of the key metrics to grow my business. I wish more people understood the value that is offered. It is hard to believe how much value is offered for so little.”


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