Hope Against the Odds: Wanjiku Kariuki Kandie

19 Apr Hope Against the Odds: Wanjiku Kariuki Kandie

At 26 weeks pregnant, Sinapis alum Wanjiku Kariuki Kandie and her husband Chris went in to the doctor for an ultrasound to learn the gender of their baby. As the results were revealed, they rejoiced to discover their first child was a boy! However, during the checkup the technician discovered the baby had an encephalocele – a condition where the neural tube doesn’t close completely during development and some of the brain is housed in a cyst outside of the baby’s skull. Enthusiasm turned to heartbreak.

For the next 13 weeks, Wanjiku and Chris sought advice from neurosurgeons, neurologists and neonatologists. It became clear that brain surgery would be required soon after he was born, if he survived the rest of the pregnancy and the birth. Even with surgery, the doctors warned that their son would likely be blind and physically or mentally handicapped.

Feeling hopeless, Wanjiku and Chris cried out to the Giver of hope. They brought together friends and family to join them in prayer that God would intervene. They chose to fight in faith instead of fear, trusting that God had a good plan for their baby. Despite the grim doctor’s reports and the endless visits, God gave them His peace and grace. They were able to prepare for the baby without giving in to despair.

Wanjiku delivered baby Lemaiyan (meaning ‘blessing’ in Maasai) on January 23rd via caesarian section. Not only was he able to be born alive with a healthy set of lungs, the herniated section, while present, did not get damaged. What’s more, the doctors gave him a high Apgar score, indicating a healthy baby boy.

Because of the sensitivity of the cyst, doctors decided to operate on him the next day. To do this, they needed to perform an MRI so that they could see what was in the cyst. When they received the MRI results, the neurosurgeon shared grim news. They believed that the blood vessels and brain matter in the cyst were part of his breathing system, and the prognosis was that he would most likely not survive the surgery.

Wanjiku and her family and friends again fell on their knees and petitioned God for baby Lem’s life. The brain surgery was performed, and the doctors were in disbelief. They did not find the things the MRI had shown. The surgery was a success. God had done it again!

Baby Lemaiyan so far has met all mental and physical milestones and according to the doctors, he is a fine, healthy baby. The doctors themselves are astounded and describe him as a miracle baby.

Wanjiku says, “The Lord provided us with peace of mind and strength, a great support system of a community of believers to stand with us, funds for treatment, and a great team of doctors. He gave us everything we needed. We are thankful every day for the gift of Lemaiyan. Without faith, this would have been a tough journey. I am glad that my husband and I believe and trust in God so that we could lean on His promises and let Him take charge in the midst of our uncertainty. We look forward to seeing God’s plan for little Lem. He has been such a blessing to us already. What a great God we serve!”

You can join us in praying for baby Lemaiyan, Wanjiku and Chris by:

  • Thanking God for his miraculous provision, the gift of baby Lem, and for his peace in the midst of trial
  • Praying for his continued healing and more good reports
  • Praying for Wanjiku’s event planning business, Waridi Events, as she completes her maternity leave



  • Nalyaka

    This is an inspirational story… God is indeed faithful and is a rock to depend on