Meet our Program Coordinator of the year!

24 Aug Meet our Program Coordinator of the year!


When iHub first came to Sinapis, they wanted a program that would support entrepreneurs in their ecosystem by providing them with a high intensity practical business training for entrepreneurs. Months down the line, iHub has successfully ran the training program and had 5 out of 10 Sinapis Fast Track Fellows come from the just graduated iHub class with remarkable feedback on the overall class.

Each year, we take time to celebrate those that make the program a success and a key person is the Program Coordinator of each partner organization. Program coordinators help with all the logistics of running a Sinapis Program in their facility and are in essence Sinapis’ eyes and ears on the ground. They ensure that each participant knows where classes will be taking place, have all the materials necessary and trainers show up to a well setup class. They also ensure quality of each class and provide feedback to Sinapis whenever necessary. Without them Sinapis classes wouldn’t be the same!

This year, Sinapis awarded the most highly ranked Program Coordinator for the year. Mercy Deche from iHub won with a landslide. Participants said she had excellent communication skills, was always accessible and reliable.

“I remember that I forgot my participant manual at home one Saturday and I couldn’t go back for it and the thought of me been in class without the manual was devastating. I just explained my situation and she lent me her manual to use for the day.”

~Sinapis Participant~

“ Mercy was an exceptional coordinator, she ensured that the classrooms were provided to us, that our trainers would be in class on time and that we could access classroom resources immediately. She did her work well”

~Sinapis Participant~

Here’s a one on one with Mercy…

Sinapis: So what do you do at the iHub?

Mercy: I am in charge of business development and trainings for iHub Consulting. iHub Consulting is an initiative of the iHub which pools the best technology professionals and companies in the space to form fully-skilled teams. Our trainings are targeted towards ensuring that our consultants, and the larger iHub community have the skills necessary to compete in a rapidly changing global market

Sinapis: What would you say are some of the highlights of running the Sinapis Program?

Mercy: The Sinapis program pleasantly surprised me. The class was a rich mix of very talented entrepreneurs from different fields. I learned new things as I sat in for some of the classes as well as being reminded of things I already knew. But the highlight for me really is meeting the entrepreneurs from the class in the lift, or on the street, or in the supermarket and have them reaffirm why we chose to run the program in the first place, when they say how the class has positively impacted how they run their businesses

Sinapis: You’ve grown to be part of the Sinapis family and the entrepreneurs just love you, what’s the secret?

Mercy: I don’t know if there’s a secret. Or if there is one, it’s a badly kept secret. I just aim to do my job to the best of my abilities, and to ensure that the program at the iHub is of the highest quality. I try to improve the experience as much as possible by just ensuring that everything works, as it should. You would be surprised the difference that ensuring a class start on time, having the relevant materials ready and good communication makes.

Sinapis: Should we expect you to jump right back into entrepreneurship again, now or in future?

Mercy: I am pursuing different interests right now. However, for me, the impact the Sinapis training will have in the present is here at the iHub in the form of intrapreneurship. The organizational environment here is very friendly to an individual who is interested in assertive risk taking and innovation. You can expect to see more exciting programs and interesting projects here at iHub Consulting.

All in all, the Sinapis family is grateful to have worked with Mercy and a big congratulations for winning the Program Coordinator of the year and setting the bar high!!!

To join the Sinapis program at iHub apply here!