Sinapis launches new partnership with iHub.

03 Sep Sinapis launches new partnership with iHub.

Sinapis is growing rapidly, and so is the demand for our SME Entrepreneurship Program. One of the questions we’re constantly asking ourselves therefore, is how we can increase outreach and make the program available to a larger network of startups. Creating partnerships has been vital to this process, and we’ve had great success partnering with different churches within Nairobi, including The Purpose Centre Church and Nairobi Baptist Church.

However, we recognized that entrepreneurs were everywhere – in churches and beyond. The next step was clear: we needed to expand our partnership network to more institutions within the ecosystem. And indeed, what better place to begin this expansion than at iHub – Nairobi’s premier Innovation Hub for technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers?

In order to realize our vision of empowering 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world, it is imperative that we reach out to more communities of entrepreneurs.

In early August, Sinapis hosted a Customer Development workshop at iHub to give interested participants a taste of the program. The response was exactly what we had hoped for. Despite being a hotspot for tech enthusiasts, the 4th floor of iHub was filled with entrepreneurs from a wide array of industries – from interior design to photography, real estate to agriculture. A considerable majority of the crowd stayed on to ask follow-up questions, explaining that this program was exactly what they had been looking for as upcoming and established business owners.

The verdict is in. Beginning September 20th 2014, Sinapis will offer its SME Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with iHub.

We’re incredibly excited to launch into this next phase of partnerships, and welcome all aspiring entrepreneurs to join this next class of Sinapis-trained entrepreneurs!

Apply by September 8th 2014 at